Book Haul: April 2016 Children’s Hospital Book Market

This past week, from April 26th to the 30th, there was a Book Market in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation at one of my city’s local shopping malls. Every year I get excited about this event because it is an opportunity to find really good books for really cheap — and I mean cheap! As an added bonus, 100% of the proceeds goes to the Children’s Hospital. In today’s post, I want to share with you more details about The Children’s Hospital Book Market and share my book haul picks with you.

About The Children’s Hospital Book Market

The Children’s Hospital Book Market is an event held three times a year at a local shopping centre where thousands of used books are put out on display in the in the halls of the mall for people to explore and shop.  Since its inception, this event as raised over $7 million in support of child health care, where 100% of the proceeds got to the Children’s Hospital.

The books are first donated by means of dropping off your used books at our various outlets & drop-off bin locations throughout the city.  Volunteers then sort, mark, pack and price books in over 65 categories, including fiction, fantasy, classics, science fiction, children’s literature, and more!

The next Book Market has not been announced but is tentatively booked to take place sometime in September.

Book Finds & Savings

I decided to get a bit creative with this post! I will not only be sharing with you the books that I hauled, but the total cost & my savings — because the deals I found were that exciting! I am stoked to share my book finds with you…

Let’s get started!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Total Spend / Donation: $ 38.00
Total Value of Books: +$ 201.27

I would call this a successful book haul, wouldn’t you?



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