My Largest Book Haul to Date: December 2015 Book Haul


This December Book Haul is brought to you by Black Friday Sales and Christmas gifts. By the end of December, I accumulated 19 books — making this my biggest book haul yet.

I treated myself to a few new books, purchased on Black Friday*. I couldn’t resist good book deals. Now you might be saying,

“Wait, Black Friday was in November. Why are these in your December Book Haul?”

Well, I live in Canada, where we often complain about how slow Canada Post delivery is on a normal day. Now throw in Black Friday sale orders, further backing up the delivery process. I did not get Black Friday purchases until the final weeks of the month.

So let’s kick off the December Book Haul with my long-awaited Black Friday finds and then I will show you what I got as gifts & gift card purchases.

Black Friday Sale Finds

Holiday Gifts

Gift Card Picks


*Black Friday: A mega-savings event in the U.S. that most retailers participate in. It happens the day after American Thanksgiving. Recently Canadian retailers have started hosting Black Friday sales as well, in an attempt to keep Canadians spending their money in Canada and not going to the U.S. to take advantage of their discounts.



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