2015 Reading Year in Review

Books Read in 2015 

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Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

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My Goal: Goal was to read 30 books.

Results: I surpassed my goal by 33%, reading 40 books. I was not certain that would complete the goal that I set for myself. 2015 marked the first year that I would not have my leisurely reading interrupted by my studies; I graduated in the middle of 2014. With 2014 being my last year in uni, I was only able to read 15 books, aside from textbooks. About 4 months into 2015, I thought that I might have been too ambitious in my 30 books goal.  However, I am happy to see, 40 books later, that I exceeded my own expectations.

Other Fun Reading Stats:

  • Reading Goal: 30 books
  • Reading Actual: 40 books (33% better than planned)
  • Average Rating: 3.9
  • Total Reading Equivalent to 11,692 pages

POPSUGAR’s 2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Challenge Details     |      2016 Challenge Details

My Goal: To expand my reading tastes and try new things. I set a Goodreads goal that was 30 books, having committed to that, I did not go into POPSUGAR’s 2015 Reading Challenge with the intention of reading this entire list — which is 50 books (technically 52, since one task was a trilogy). That being said, there are books that I read (shown above) that fit in more than 1 of the following POPSUGAR categories. I did not put a book in more than 2 slots though.

Results: I completed 40/50 of these challenges. I am proud of completing 80% of this challenge. I plan to participate in the 2016 challenge as well.


Be sure to come back soon, I will be posting my 2016 Reading Goals soon. Until then, happy reading!


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  1. Congratulations! The satisfaction you get on keeping up resolutions is so ‘worth-it’. Happy bookish year to you!!


    1. myareads says:

      Thanks! It feels good to end the year on a high note. I will be posting next year’s goals soon . 😉


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