Everything Alice!

The timeless children’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is 150 years old this year and to celebrate this I have picked up a new Complete Works copy for my personal library, reread Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, and Thursday night I went to a theatre production of Through the Looking-Glass. 

Since I am excited to share every Alice with you, I have divided this post into sections highlighting: my new copy of Alice, reviews, and my thoughts and sneak-peeks of my theatre night adventure.


The Complete Alice

*First this book-gush is no way endorsed by Amazon or Henry Holt and Co.  I bought this book myself and want to help you if you’re looking to buy an Alice book.


The Complete Alice – Written by Lewis Carroll & Illustrated by John Tenniel

I have been looking to get my hands on a large print, hardback copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with coloured illustrations coloured of John Tenniel’s original images. This was more difficult to find than I thought.

Eventually, I stumbled across this beauty on Bookstagram (Instagram) and not long after doing some research, I finally convinced myself that this was the one.

If you’re interested in purchasing, I found my copy on Amazon.

Why I Love This Edition:

  • Large print and beautifully coloured in illustrations
  • The cover – love its embossed design, frames an image of Alice in the middle, and the fine details on the cover
  • Metallic red pages & bookmark ribbon
  • The page divider between Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland content and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
  • The book’s size – it’s huge, it’s hefty and it’s eye-catching when on a bookshelf

Book Details:

  • Full Title: The Complete Alice
  • Hardcover: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) (Sept. 15 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1627794352
  • ISBN-13: 978-1627794350
  • Product Dimensions: 22.2 x 4.3 x 27.9 cm
  • Content Lists:
    • Author’s Preface to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 1897
    • Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
    • Christmas Greetings (From a Fairy to a Child), 1867
    • To All Child-readers of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, 1871
    • Author’s Preface to Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
    • The Wasp in a Wig
    • An Easter Greeting to Every Child Who Loves “Alice”, 1876
    • The Story of Alice
    • Publisher’s Note


Book Reviews & Quick Thoughts

I did not get the opportunity to enjoy these books when I as a child — I saw the Disney movie and loved it — but it was not until I was in my teens that I read both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. 

I can say that kid-Mya would have loved both stories but now, mid-20’s Mya also loves the Alice stories.  Here are my quick thoughts and star-reviews. Check out the full reviews for more details.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 


The joy of this book definitely holds through for me as an adult. I go into the details of the story, as I’m sure that most who are reading this review are familiar with it (via the book or movie renditions). Alice’s journey into Wonderland is a wonderful tale for readers of all ages.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is full of humour in the forms of clever puns, jokes and advice. I think is one of those books that you’ll discover something new each time you read it and interpret it differently as you get older. What I appreciate most about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is its ability to make me forget about everything happening in the real world. I just get 100% focused and immersed in the world of Wonderland. I see some reviews complain that the story seems random, but that is the beauty of the story; it takes logic and limitations and throws them out the window. Just let yourself be lost in the story.

Click to Read Full Review For Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 

Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There


Through the Looking-Glass, as a stand-alone read is delightful, fun and full of adventure, but it is a confusing story. The characters and world building are less grounded than in Through the Looking-Glass. Similar to my advice on Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, don’t try to find a meaning of it, just lose yourself in the story and don’t try to find “the meaning” of it.

Comparing the two, I enjoyed Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland more.  I feel that Through the Looking-Glass was more focused on being a children’s story more than its predecessor. It was still whimsical and I enjoyed the story, but it did not have as much adult humour (puns and advice) as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Click to Read Full Review For Through the Looking-Glass and what Alice Found There

Theatre Production of Through the Looking-Glass

I really enjoyed the production of Alice Through the Looking-Glass. The production was accurate when comparing it to the book, which was delightful because I knew what was coming. It was fun to hear the actors saying my favourite book quotes aloud. This production was for the young at heart.

I also really enjoyed the costumes, which were very detailed.You are not supposed to take photos, so I’m sharing with you some sketches from the program to give you an idea of what was seen on stage. Conveniently there is a photo of the Red Queen that was also included in the program.


My favourite scene is when we meet Humpty Dumpty — so much so that I snuck a photo while the production was occuring to share with you. The actor was so animated in his facial expressions and voice that you couldn’t help but laugh. Even better was the costume!

Those of you thinking “But you’re not supposed to take photos at the theatre!” or “Your phone is to be turned off!”, I know this and normally I follow theatre etiquette, but this Humpty Dumpty was just too much. I could not help myself.

Don’t worry, I did not have the flash on and my seats are not anywhere where I would have been blocking someone’s view. Quick and discreet.


That concludes my Alice gush. These past few weeks I’ve had nothing but Alice and Wonderland on the brain. I hope that you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Click to Learn More About Alice’s 150th Anniversary



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