Book Review: Saga (Volume 1) by Brain K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Saga 1Book Title/Author: Saga (Volume 1) by Brain K. Vaughan (Writer) & Fiona Staples (Artist)
Publisher/Year: Volume 1 Collection Published October 10th 2012 by Image Comics
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comics & Graphic Novels
Series: Compilation of single issue comics #1 – 6
Format: Softcover
Source: Owned

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This first volume introduces Alana and Marko, two lovers from different worlds whose species are at war with one another. Alana comes from the largest planet in the galaxy, Landfall; while Marko is from Wreath, Landfall’s only moon.  Because the destruction of one of the worlds would send the other spinning out of orbit, the war has been outsourced to multiple different planets spanning across the universe, forcing the other planets’ native residents to choose a side.

Key influencers of the never-ending war (e.g. royalty, headhunters, military officials, ect.), both Wreathers and Landfallians, learn that Alana and Marko are expecting a child. Both sides perceive this as an act of betrayal to their species and consider the couple fugitives and began a racing search to capture the couple to prevent the news of their pairing from spreading.





Many reviews are comparing Saga to the likes of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. I would not disagree with this comparison; it has subtle elements of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, but I would warn that the story lines are not similar or that Saga is any kind of retelling/adaptation of these famous films.

I will admit Saga took me some getting used to and it was not until Volume 2 that I realize how much I enjoyed the story.  I was a bit taken back — surprised, rather — by the opening scene and nudity throughout (e.g. a whole chapter about Sextillion, a planet where people visit and pay to have any sexual fantasy fulfilled). If you’re feeling the same way after Volume 1, don’t give up on it just yet — now, after reading all 5 volumes, I would say that I am invested in the characters and cannot wait to see what happens next!

What I liked about Volume 1 was that there was enough build-up to the worlds, we get a core understanding at the start to be able to follow along nicely. And with the help of the narrative style, we get to drive right into learning about Marko and Alana. The story is narrated by Hazel, their daughter, who is reflecting the past, and during this volume she is born.

If you’re contemplating picking up Saga it is definitely well worth exploring (I have now read all 5 Volumes).  If you choose to read it let me know what you think in the Comments below!


“Once upon a time, each of us was somebody’s kid. Everyone had a father, even if he never provided anything more than his seed. Everyone had a mother, even if she had to leave us on a stranger’s doorstep. No matter how we’re eventually raised, all of our stories begin the exact same way. They all end the same, too.”


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