June 2016 Wrap-up

Better late than never, here’s my June Wrap-up. I read 4 light & short reads this month. Nothing lower than 3 stars though and I completed another reread. Although my page count is nothing impressive, I’d still call it a success.

Adult Colouring Books – Are They Just a Fad?

Adult colouring books. What do you think about them: childish & waste of money or relaxing & fun? Bookstore displays exploded with colouring books and colouring utensils; first there was just a few available, and then suddenly whole tables or sections devoted to the colouring craze. But is that all it is, a craze? I look into some of the fun & psychological benefits behind the colouring craze.

Book Review: Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

4 Stars. Read if you’re in the mood for drama and a group of characters most despicable & terrible. This is a literary classic that is all about revenge — no tea, crumpets and ballroom parties here.

Book Review: Here by Richard McGuire

1 Star. Read if you’re in the mood for a super short read, Graphic novel, little to no dialogue, a bit of reflection on the past & what’s to come.

May 2016 Top 5 TBR

This month’s Top 5 TBR is a mix & match of various books; we got: magical realism, children’s, classic fiction, fantasy YA, and a memoir. My reading mood is all over the map this month, but I am excited to read all of these. You may notice that 2 of these were included in last…

April 2016 Wrap-up

April turned out to be a good reading month, even though I felt like I was falling into a bit of a reading slump during the 2nd week in April. But I still managed to read 7 books! The start of the month I was away on vacation and read Uprooted and Fables. The other 5…

Book Haul: April 2016 Children’s Hospital Book Market

This past week, from April 26th to the 30th, there was a Book Market in support of the Children’s Hospital Foundation at one of my city’s local shopping malls. Every year I get excited about this event because it is an opportunity to find really good books for really cheap — and I mean cheap! As…